TBFN Junior Naturalists Program

Junior Naturalists gives kids a chance to enjoy the outdoors and learn something new about the nature that surrounds them every day! Raising awareness and appreciation for the natural world will help to foster the kind of leaders and environmental stewards we hope for in the future!



Junior Program at the  Mary J L Black Library, January 21

Visit the Ontario North collection of interesting objects found in nature. Bring an interesting item, tell others about it, such as where it was found, why you found it interesting. Earn points, or trade for other objects. Meet at the Mary J L Black Library at 1:00pm. Contact Marian Childs 577-1324.

Junior Program at the Conservatory  - Saturday, February 18

A visit for parents (grandparents) and children looking at the tropical plants and their economic value found at our conservatory.  We will also explore the nearby area looking for winter birds. Contact Marian Childs 577-1324.


Check back as more events for Junior Naturalists are arranged. In the meantime check out our Walks list for Family Friendly events.



Nature Guardians

Are you between the ages of 14-18 and interested in the environment? Do you want to do something to help our community and promote environmental awareness at the same time? Are you a high school student looking to complete your volunteer hours? Then Nature Guardians is for you!

The Nature Guardian program is run in conjunction with Ontario Nature. This program aims to connect the youth of Ontario with their natural surroundings, through active workshops and programming, as well as an annual youth summit.

Contact the tbfn(dot)jr(dot)nats(at)gmail(dot)comJuniors Coordinator to find out how to get started!


Ontario Nature Youth Council

Youth Council members from Junior Naturalists