About our Field Trips

Field trips provide an excellent opportunity for club members and the public to meet new people and to explore our natural environment. However, we ask you to remember that the places we visit are special, so please do not pick plants or collect specimens on field trips. Leave dogs and other pets at home except for service dogs. Use your own judgement as to whether you bring a lunch and/or refreshments. Also, dress appropriately for the weather. Insect repellent is recommended for trips in May and June.

If you have any questions regarding field trips, please contact either the marianchilds(at)shaw(dot)catrips coordinator or the field trip leader directly. The club is always interested in new ideas, so don't hesitate if you would like to lead a field trip or workshop or have an idea for one. Watch for the "FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT!" notice on specific outings and bring your children along!

If You Plan to Attend

Please, call or email the field trip leader to confirm the date, time and place and to hear of any updates or last minute changes a few days before the trip is scheduled to take place. The leader will also appreciate knowing the approximate number of participants ahead of time.

Please do not bring pets on our conducted hikes. Thank you for your consideration.

When our walk is taking place on a Lakehead Region Conservation Authority property, please note that parking fees apply. To help offset LRCA's costs of maintenance we encourage you to buy a season pass here: Explore Card or at the LRCA office or pay $2 for a one time parking fee. Thank you.

For other hikes in our area please check the Thunder Bay Hiking Association website by clicking here or check the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority website by clicking here.




TBFN Field trips and COVID-19 virus

Since the COVID-19 virus pandemic makes it currently impossible to implement TBFN’s field trip schedule, it has been decided to cancel all upcoming TBFN events until it is safe to resume. Keep checking our website, Twitter feed and/or our Facebook page for an announcement of when we will resume our organized activities.

Provincial parks are now open for daytime use and the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority still has its conservation areas open. If you decide to visit a natural area please remember to practice proper physical distancing. Also remember that washroom facilities will be closed.

There are many places in our area to explore on your own. Take the time to look for some of the many wonderful plants that are growing in the parks and conservation areas as well as the variety of birds and other wildlife. Think about visiting an area when it may be less busy and avoid it if the parking lot is full. If you are on your own, try to meet up with a friend in case you need help and let someone know where you are going. 

Our field trip list focused on some of the club's favourite spots. There are many others. Remember that getting out into nature is a wonderful balm for our physical and mental well being.

Saturday, July 11thCANCELLED
Bringing Nature home

Transform your Green Space into an inviting sanctuary for pollinators, birds, insects, and other wildlife. We will look at choosing native and other preferred plants, habitat management, how to compost, best ways to raise Monarchs and other Butterflies, etc., to ensure a welcoming oasis in your own green space or yard. Feel free to invite your neighbour, and help turn your neighbourhood into a collective oasis for butterflies, birds, pollinators, and nature. The event wil run from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. Meet at 70 Farrand St. there will be easy access. Maximum for effective learning will be 25 people. Call John Walas at 345-3324 or cell 474-7633.


Saturday, August 22ndCANCELLED

Kam Valley Reserve

This will be my third time taking a group to the Kam Valley Reserve near Stanley. On past trips the plant life has been a main attraction, with knowledgeable members of the group present to assist with spotting and identification. It’s also fun to travel on trails made by the wildlife who pay regular visits to the rivers. The Reserve starts on the south side of the Whitefish River, after a descent through mixed forest to the banks of the river near the Reserve’s east boundary. From there we cross the river, heading north to the area bounded by both rivers. In August, the river flow of the Whitefish is reduced so crossing on foot is expected be in ankle depth water or mid-calf at most. Across the river the Reserve land continues to the Kam River and we will explore the interior sections of mature ash, elm and poplar and the Kam River bank, heading west. Somewhere near the west boundary we will work our way south again to the Whitefish River and make our crossing to the south bank. From there we will travel both the river bank and game trails inland and arrive at a nice place for lunch consisting of an open area of flat rocks on the river’s edge. Bring water, lunch and walking gear suitable for walking in bush without marked trails and shallow river crossings. We should be done between 1 and 2 pm. Meet at the Movati parking lot at 9:00 am. It's about a 20-minute drive from Movati. Contact Mike Carter at 807-626-3743 or mcarter(at)tbaytel(dot)net


Keep checking back as other outdoor events are arranged!