The Thunder Bay Field Naturalists club is a non-profit organization dedicated to the study of natural history, the wise use of natural resources, the preservation of natural areas, and the understanding and protection of nature.

To email a TBFN board member below, just click on their highlighted name and it should open up a blank, addressed message in whatever email program you are using.  If the board member's name is not highlighted and there is no phone number listed, you will have to email our general email address: info(at)tbfn(dot)net


TBFN Board of Directors 2020

President borealis(at)tbaytel(dot)netBruce Thacker  344-2279
Vice President, Field Trips, Junior Naturalists marianchilds(at)shaw(dot)caMarian Childs   577-1324
Secretary lada(dot)malek(at)gmail(dot)comLada Malek 344-0230
Treasurer pawlik(at)tbaytel(dot)netKathie Pawlik 344-4635
Thunder Cape Bird Observatory, Advocacy tedarmstrong11(at)gmail(dot)comTed Armstrong  577-3997
Publicity and Promotion sandy(at)sibley(dot)mine(dot)nuSandra Barro  768-9735
Past President, Ontario Nature Representative dlegge(at)tbaytel(dot)netDavid Legge  983-2155
Director at large mamackett(at)shaw(dot)caMary-Anne Mackett
Programs gdracey(at)tbaytel(dot)netGerry Racey  939-1620
Advocacy, LSNMCA Interim Mgmt Advisory Board latitude52(at)tbaytel(dot)netKeith Wade  935-3092
Membership, Inventory and Sales lindy(at)tbaytel(dot)netLindy Wagenaar 345-1061

TBFN Standing Committees & Support

Newsletter Editor john(at)sibley(dot)mine(dot)nuJohn Barro
Webmaster john(at)sibley(dot)mine(dot)nuJohn Barro
Facebook Page conniehartviksen(at)live(dot)comConnie Hartviksen
Twitter Account carlyrobillardCarly Robillard
Thunder Cape Bird Observatory Chair aharris(at)tbaytel(dot)netAllan Harris
Membership sharon(dot)gilbert(at)tbaytel(dot)netSharon Gilbert
Junior Naturalists marianchilds(at)shaw(dot)caMarian Childs
Peregrine Falcon Program, Bird Records bratcliff(at)tbaytel(dot)netBrian Ratcliff
Bluebird Recovery Program, Annual Dinner hitchcroft(at)shaw(dot)caSusan Robinson
Nature Reserves bryan(at)tbaytel(dot)netSusan Bryan 345-6446

TBFN Representatives on Community Committees

EarthCare Thunder Bay, Community Greening Working Group john(dot)walas(at)icloud(dot)comJohn Walas
OMNRF Local Citizens Committee Spruce River Forest rfoster(at)tbaytel(dot)netRob Foster
OMNRF Local Citizens Committee Dog Lake/Matawin River Forests squiresm(at)tbaytel(dot)netMac Squires
OMNRF Local Citizens Committee Lakehead Forest pwnich(at)tbaytel(dot)netPeter Nicholas
OMNRF Local Citizens Committee Armstrong Forest gdracey(at)tbaytel(dot)netGerry Racey
Lake Superior Public Advisory Committee to LaMP Remedial Action Plan (RAP) jhallarm(at)lakeheadu(dot)caJean Hall-Armstrong
Thunder Bay Stewardship Council jhallarm(at)lakeheadu(dot)caJean Hall-Armstrong
OMNRF Fisheries Management Zone 6 Advisory Council sakamoto(at)tbaytel(dot)netKathy Sakamoto
OMNRF Fisheries Management Zone 9 Advisory Council Walter Momot
Lk. Superior National Marine Conservation Area IMAB latitude52(at)tbaytel(dot)netKeith Wade

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Email us at: info(at)tbfn(dot)net