The William Bog Nature Reserve

Reserve Grows by 200 Acres

In the summer of 2013, TBFN was delighted to receive a donation of 200 acres of Provincially Significant Wetland in the William Bog. The two 100-acre parcels are located north and west of the Parkdale Subdivision in the City of Thunder Bay. (See map.) The owners of the lots were pleased to donate them to the Naturalist Club in memory of William and Olga Dawd. The lots, together with TBFN's other holdings in the Bog, will be permanently protected as nature reserves.


 The new properties are home to numerous orchids, including Yellow Lady's-slipper, Rose Pogonia, Arethusa, Ragged Orchis, and Bog Candle. Open fen areas provide excellent habitat for butterflies such as Bog and Dorcas Copper and Harris's Checkerspot.

                                                                     Bog Candle orchids


                                                               Bog Copper

History of William Bog Reserve 

The one acre property that was the start of the William Bog reserve was donated in 2002 by the family of the late Max Diamond. Encouraged by this first donation, TBFN embarked on a landowner contact program. As a result, we received a number of additional donations of property, culminating in the 200 acre donation in 2013.  Our land holdings in the Bog now total 211 acres.

The William Bog fen-swamp complex is used by Lakehead University students as a laboratory for natural history and ecology. It supports a wide variety of plants and animals including 14 orchid species, three kinds of sundew and a wide variety of butterflies, one of which is the locally rare Grizzled Skipper butterfly. 73 bird species have been observed on the reserve to date.

TBFN land acquistions in the William Bog have been supported by OLTAP, the Ontario Land Trust Assistance Program. Club members have also given generously to help cover the legal and appraisal costs of accepting the donated land.



Hooded Ladies' Tresses (Ryan LeBlanc)                                   Ragged Orchis

TBFN thanks the Ontario Land Trust Assistance Program (OLTAP) for its support of this acquisition. OLTAP assists eligible recipients with costs associated with land securement and magagement planning to help conserve Ontario's biodiversity. OLTAP is an initiative of the Ontario Land Trust Alliance, supported in partnership with Environment Canada.