If you see a falcon that appears to be on territory, please contact the Project Peregrine coordinator,bratcliff(at)tbaytel(dot)netBrian Ratcliff (768-8408).

 The most important observation details include:

  • the specific location and date

  • identification features of the bird

  • information on the number of eggs and/or young

  • any information on bands or band numbers, and

  • the behaviour of the bird(s).

How to identify a Peregrine 

The peregrine falcon is a fast-flying, crow-sized raptor with long, pointed wings, a long narrow tail, quick, powerful wingbeats, and a distinctive facial pattern with heavy dark "sideburns". Adults are a dark slate-gray colour on the back, with a light-coloured barred breast, while younger birds are brown with a heavily streaked breast. They can often be identified by their distinctive call, which is a repeated "kek-kek-kek-kek".

Peregrines are sometimes confused with the Merlin, another falcon found in the Thunder Bay District.  Merlins are smaller and nest in trees instead of on cliffs, often in close proximity to human habitation.