Nature Northwest Newsletter

Nature Northwest is a quarterly publication of the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists. Each volume (ISSN 0836-4702) consists of four issues published in February, May, August, and November. A subscription to Nature Northwest is a benefit of TBFN membership.

Articles, notes, records, illustrations and photographs of local and regional natural history are welcome. Please feel free to contact the editor in advance regarding possible submissions. Material accepted is subject to editing and revision. Nature Northwest is intended to be informative and thought provoking. Therefore, views expressed in Nature Northwest are not necessarily those of the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists or the Editor.

Send events, stories, trip reviews, articles, pictures, and observations. Your ideas and suggestions are welcome. Address all submissions to the editor seboyko1(at)lakeheadu(dot)caEmese Boyko.

Deadline for submissions is the first day of the month in which the issue will be published.

February issue…….……...February 1st

May issue………….….......May 1st

August issue……….….....August 1st

November issue….…..…..November 1st

Past Newsletters

From the Membership Coordinator's annual report for 2012: "When we distributed the November issue of Nature Northwest in 2009, we mailed out 168 and emailed 9. In November 2012, we mailed 67 and emailed 200. This is a significant change in how TBFN distributes the newsletter."

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