Indoor Lectures

Thunder Bay Field Naturalists meet on the fourth Monday of September, October, November, January, March and April at Lunan Hall, St. Paul's United Church, 349 Waverley Street, Thunder Bay. Take the sidewalk to the left of the main church entrance.

Please note that meetings begin promptly at 7:00 p.m. so that we will finish early enough to have time to socialize over tea and coffee after the presentation.

Non-members are welcome.  A small donation at the door to help defray hall rental costs is always appreciated.

If you have a particular topic you would like to see presented or know of someone with a presentation that would be of interest to our club, please bring this to the attention of the gdracey(at)tbaytel(dot)netprograms organizer. Thank you!



Monday, January 28, 2019

Annual General Meeting and Membership Slide Night

The TBFN Annual General Meeting will be held prior to the slide presentations. The business of the meeting will be to elect members to the Board of Directors, to hear a financial report, and to appoint the auditor. Most of the business is a required formality and shouldn't take much time. It is important for paid up members to attend and participate in this function of the club. An agenda for the AGM will be emailed to members beforehand.

Memberships for 2019 and tickets for the Annual Dinner in February will be for sale at this meeting. 

Members are invited to share their favourite nature-related photographs from the past year. Each presenter is asked to limit their contribution to a maximum of 10 photographs or a maximum of 7 minutes. Please contact Gerry Racey (gdracey(at)tbaytel(dot)net) by January 17 of your interest in presenting some slides and the general subject matter.  Bring your photographs or presentation on a memory stick to have them loaded on the computer prior to the meeting.  If your presentation requires special software you will have to bring your own computer (please notify Gerry Racey). Presenters should plan on arriving 15 minutes before the 7:00 meeting start time.

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Annual Dinner Meeting

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Monday, 25 March 2019

Forest insects: agents of disturbance, indicators of health

Come join Dr. Don Henne, entomologist and Assistant Professor, Faculty of Natural Resources Management at Lakehead University as he guides us into the world of forest insects.  Insects are found almost everywhere, and they play important roles in numerous ecological processes. They are, so to speak, the little things that run the world. However, insect populations are collapsing all over the planet and we don't know why. This loss of insect diversity and abundance threatens the survival of plants, animals, and humanity. This talk will be an exploration of insects as natural disturbance agents, their roles in keeping ecosystems healthy, and the recent global decline of insect populations. A brief overview of insects that are active during the winter will also be presented.


Check back on this page as further talks are arranged for this season.


Past Talks

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