About our Field Trips

Field trips provide an excellent opportunity for club members and the public to meet new people and to explore our natural environment. However, we ask you to remember that the places we visit are special, so please do not pick plants or collect specimens on field trips. Leave dogs and other pets at home except for service dogs. Use your own judgement as to whether you bring a lunch and/or refreshments. Also, dress appropriately for the weather. Insect repellent is recommended for trips in May and June.

If you have any questions regarding field trips, please contact either the marianchilds(at)shaw(dot)catrips coordinator or the field trip leader directly. The club is always interested in new ideas, so don't hesitate if you would like to lead a field trip or workshop or have an idea for one. Watch for the "FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT!" notice on specific outings and bring your children along!

If You Plan to Attend

Please, call or email the field trip leader to confirm the date, time and place and to hear of any updates or last minute changes a few days before the trip is scheduled to take place. The leader will also appreciate knowing the approximate number of participants ahead of time.

Please do not bring pets on our conducted hikes. Thank you for your consideration.

When our walk is taking place on a Lakehead Region Conservation Authority property, please note that parking fees apply. To help offset LRCA's costs of maintenance we encourage you to buy a season pass here: Explore Card or at the LRCA office or pay $2 for a one time parking fee. Thank you.

For other hikes in our area please check the Thunder Bay Hiking Association website by clicking here or check the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority website by clicking here.




Saturday, June 29th, 2019

Introduction to Common Local Plants at Trowbridge Falls

Led by Myra McCormack, this walk will explore the river trail at Trowbridge Falls to identify plants found along the trail. Meet at the Trowbridge Falls parking lot at 10:00 am.


Saturday, July 6th, 2019

William Bog

Follow the pipeline into the bog to search for orchids and other bog plants and their visitors.  Please wear appropriate footwear as there will be wet areas to travel through. Meet at the north end of Northwood Park Plaza at 9:00 am. Pre-registarion is required and is limited to 15 people including the group leaders and parking is limited. Contact Marian Childs at 577-1324 to register. If there is enough interest a second outing may be organized for the following day, Sunday, July 7th.


Saturday, July 13th, 2019

Exploring corridors to our urban forest and backyards

Come and see how corridors and paths that lead into the city can become open flyways for important pollinators with an emphasis on butterflies. This is the perfect time to see butterflies, as this is when they are at the peak of activity, and if we have any migrants coming into the area, this is when they will likely be seem.

Meet at the Community Auditorium Parking lot at 10:30 am where we can organize some car pooling. We will then explore several local Byways and Flyways  with respect to what is flying, as well as what food plants are being utilized.

These areas should only require good footwear, rubber boots or some kind of hiking footwear will suffice. Organizer John Walas 474-7633  johnw(at)tbaytel(dot)net


Saturday, July 20th, 2019

Pictured Lake - Note time change

Join Ashley Veurink on this walk through the woods to the lake on the Painted Lake Nature Reserve, which is one of TBFN’s prettiest reserves, near Oliver Lake. We’ll identify birds and vegetation in the forest that leads to the lake. The walk in and back takes about 2 ½ hrs. Meet at the north entrance (off Redwood Ave) of the Northwood Mall Parking Lot parking lot at 2:00 pm. We should be finished by 5pm or so. Contact Ashley Veurink 633-6915 to register.


July 26-27th, 2019

Terrace Bay Nature Reserve

Mark your calendars for the Lyda Bay section of the Terrace Bay Nature Reserve. Join us (Monika Holenstein and Bryan Loop) for a hike through the TBFN Terrace Bay Nature Reserve!  One of TBFN's largest reserves, the Terrace Bay reserve protects over 1200 acres of pristine Lake Superior shoreline.  The Casque Isles Trail crosses the property.  We will be hiking the 6 kilometer Lyda Bay section that includes raised cobble beaches, Pukaskwa Pits, spectacular look outs and beautiful rocky coves along Lake Superior. Leaving from the Hydro Bay road and finishing at the Terrace Bay Beach, this hike covers some challenging sections of large cobble beaches and tricky rocky sections, as well as a ladder to get up one cliff area. We plan to hike from 10 am until 4 pm, with lots of stops to enjoy the views and look for the plants and animals that call this unique area home. Please bring a lunch, water and snacks for the day. Lake Superior coast can experience weather extremes, please dress in layers, bring full rain gear and wear sturdy hiking boots. We will meet at Terrace Bay Beach at 10:00 am to arrange vehicle shuttles.

Although you could do it as a long day trip, we suggest you make a weekend of exploring this beautiful area!  Plan to camp Saturday night at Rainbow Falls Provincial Park (either at Rainbow Falls or Rossport campgrounds or for those wishing a little more comfort, we suggest the Serendipity Gardens Guest cabins in Rossport (http://www.serendipitygardens.ca/)  or stay overnight in a motel in Terrace bay. Hikers are welcome to gather at the Serendipity restaurant for dinner Saturday night, and then explore the area on your own on Sunday before heading home.  

The Casque Isles Trail is rated as one of the top 10 best hikes in Ontario! The trail weaves 53 km (33 miles) along the north shore of Lake Superior, highlighting some of the most stunning vistas of Lake Superior, and linking the communities of Terrace Bay, Schreiber and Rossport together. Signed and groomed by the passionate volunteers of the Casques Isles Hiking Club, the Casque Isles Trail is an important section for both The Great Trail and the Voyageur Hiking Trail.  More information on the trail can be found: http://www.terracebay.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/04/2018_Casque-Isles-Trail_Brochure.pdf  

Contact Monika Holenstein (807) 683-5952 or holensmo(at)yahoo(dot)com for more information or to confirm attendance.


Saturday, August 3rd, 2019

Pine Bay Outing

Explore Pine Bay with Jessie McFadden. Depending on conditions it will be either by canoe or foot.    Meet at the Northwood Park parking lot at 9:00 am.  Contact Jessie at jessiemcf(at)hotmail(dot)ca closer to the date for full information.


Saturday, August 17th, 2019 - Tentative

Kam River Reserve

Explore the Kam River Valley with Michael Carter. An exploration of a Reserve that is close, yet in a wild state. Exploring it involves following game trails through the bush to the Whitefish River then crossing the river to the main section of the property, which extends to the Kam River.  From there it's a short walk through high weeds to an open forest. Check the description on the website for locally rare plant life that we can look for. The banks of the Kam appear walkable for quite a distance and we could then cut back to the Whitefish River and find another place to cross or return the way we went. There is a nice spot along the Whitefish River to stop for lunch.  We should be done between 1 and 2. It's about a 20 minute drive from Movati and there's room for maybe 4 vehicles at the start point so car-pooling may be required. Bring a lunch, water and waterproof pants as the high weeds on the shores will likely be wet. Meet at the Northwood Mall parking lot at 9:00 am. Contact Mike Carter 626-3743 or mcarter(at)tbaytel(dot)net.

Saturday, August 24th, 2019

Local Geology Tour

Join Mark Puumula for a tour of some of the dramatic geological features of the area. Wear a high visibility safety vest  as we will be walking along Hwy 587 in places, visiting road cuts, Hillcrest Park and the rock cliffs at Pass Lake.  Bring a lunch. Meet at the Landmark Inn at 9:00 am. Contact Mark at 346-9625.


Saturday, August 31st, 2019

McKellar Island Bird Observatory Visit

FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT! Juniors and others are invited to view the fall birds coming to the bird observatory on McKellar Island.  This is a great opportunity to view many species up close as they are caught in mist nets, gently removed, measured, weighed and then released.


Saturday, September 7th, 2019

Mycology outing

Join Len Hutchison at 1:00pm in the parking lot at the end of Clarke Street off N. Algoma by the former Lakehead Psychiatric Hospital to explore the nearby forest trails to look for various fungi.  Contact his office at 343-8508.


Saturday, September 14th, 2019

The Nature of Clear-cuts

Whether you love them or hate them, we promise an interesting discussion of what is happening in the soil, on the forest floor and with both the residual woody material and the new forest growth on a site where the forest has been harvested. 

You will discover how natural ecological processes are harnessed during the forest harvest and renewal cycle and how silvicultural science is applied in the boreal forest. There will also be an opportunity to discuss implications for wildlife and their habitat. The boreal forest is a "disturbance-driven" forest where disturbance may come from disease, insects, blowdown, or ultimately, fire. Each has its own suite of ecological impacts and consequences.  Forest harvesting is not identical to any of them but has many similarities with each. We will examine a recent cutover of a pure conifer stand and an adjacent mixed wood stand before moving to a regenerating cutover of similar stands and observe the different plant succession. 

 Your hosts, Gerry Racey and Mac Squires will dig deep into their collective 90 years of forest ecology and management experience to discuss some of the subtle or not so subtle factors that influence management of the anthropogenic boreal forest. Their different backgrounds, training, and experiences have grown their knowledge and changed their perspectives over the decades. So, don’t be surprised when their opinions differ on some points. Come along and enjoy the fun with us.

This is full day outing and will take place regardless of weather. Bring a lunch and come prepared with sturdy footwear and armed with all the questions, concerns and curiosity about the “Nature” of the regenerating forest. Meet September 14, 2019 at 8:30 am in the parking lot of the Landmark Inn and we will car-pool to the site. Contact Gerry Racey (gdracey(at)tbaytel(dot)net; 807-939-1620) to confirm your attendance. 


Saturday, September 21st, 2019

Glacial history of Thunder Bay

Join Brian Philips for this day trip exploring the geomorphology of the area around Thunder Bay.  Bring a lunch. Meet at 9:00 am at the north end of the Northwood Mall parking lot on Edward St. Confirm by calling Brian Philips at 807-344-3770.


Saturday, October 5th, 2019 

Chippewa Ridge Hike

A circle tour of the top of a small mountain, viewing Puskaskwa Pits, old beaches, and dramatic lookouts. Meet at the north end of Northwood Park Mall. Contact Marian Childs 577-1324 to confirm.


Saturday,October 12th, 2019

Waterfowl Viewing Day 

FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT! Visit Mission Marsh to view waterfowl. Contact the Lakehead Regional Conservation Authority @ 344-5857.


Saturday, November 2nd, 2019

Fall Birding Round Up

John Woodcock will be the contact for the fall birding round-up in Thunder Bay. Once again birders are encouraged to report their sightings for this day to the Fall Round up . In order to report your sightings you have to be a member of the group - nwobirds(at)yahoogroups(dot)com. To join send an emai to: NWObirds-subscribe(at)yahoogroups(dot)com or contact John at (807) 767-1575 for more information.

Thursday, December 26th, 2019

Christmas Bird Count

Details to follow.


Keep checking back as other outdoor events are arranged!