About our Field Trips

Field trips provide an excellent opportunity for club members and the public to meet new people and to explore our natural environment. However, we ask you to remember that the places we visit are special, so please do not pick plants or collect specimens on field trips. Leave dogs and other pets at home except for service dogs. Use your own judgement as to whether you bring a lunch and/or refreshments. Also, dress appropriately for the weather. Insect repellent is recommended for trips in May and June.

If you have any questions regarding field trips, please contact either the marianchilds(at)shaw(dot)catrips coordinator or the field trip leader directly. The club is always interested in new ideas, so don't hesitate if you would like to lead a field trip or workshop or have an idea for one. Watch for the "FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT!" notice on specific outings and bring your children along!

If You Plan to Attend

Please, call or email the field trip leader to confirm the date, time and place and to hear of any updates or last minute changes a few days before the trip is scheduled to take place. The leader will also appreciate knowing the approximate number of participants ahead of time.

Please do not bring pets on our conducted hikes. Thank you for your consideration.

When our walk is taking place on a Lakehead Region Conservation Authority property, please note that parking fees apply. To help offset LRCA's costs of maintenance we encourage you to buy a season pass here: Explore Card or at the LRCA office or pay $2 for a one time parking fee. Thank you.

For other hikes in our area please check the Thunder Bay Hiking Association website by clicking here or check the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority website by clicking here.




Thursday, December 26th, 2019

Christmas Bird Count

As usual, our count will be held on Boxing Day, Dec. 26. There are 14 areas in our count circle, and each area has a “team leader”. Bill Greaves has agreed to compile the count again this year, and he would like to hear from last year’s area leaders if you will be participating this year. We are pleased to report that Sue and Mike Bryan will once again host the pot-luck supper and “countdown”. Anyone interested in participating for the first time should contact Bill. He will assign you to one of the groups if you don’t already have someone to go with.

Feeder watchers are welcome and encouraged to participate. Feeder watchers will be required to submit a checklist and the amount of effort (start time, end time, and total number of hours spent watching). The checklist is not additive, and instead is based on the most birds of each species seen at any one time. Please, register with Bill Greaves ahead of time and advise how your checklist will be submitted, they are due by 5 pm on Boxing Day. Lastly, if your feeder will be stocked with food and you don’t mind the area’s group stopping by to look for birds, please send along your information to Bill. He can be contacted at: tbay(dot)cbc(at)gmail(dot)com


Keep checking back as other outdoor events are arranged!