About our Field Trips

Field trips provide an excellent opportunity for club members and the public to meet new people and to explore our natural environment. However, we ask you to remember that the places we visit are special, so please do not pick plants or collect specimens on field trips. Leave dogs and other pets at home except for service dogs. Use your own judgement as to whether you bring a lunch and/or refreshments. Also, dress appropriately for the weather. Insect repellent is recommended for trips in May and June.

If you have any questions regarding field trips, please contact either the marianchilds(at)shaw(dot)catrips coordinator or the field trip leader directly. The club is always interested in new ideas, so don't hesitate if you would like to lead a field trip or workshop or have an idea for one. Watch for the "FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT!" notice on specific outings and bring your children along!

If You Plan to Attend

Please, call or email the field trip leader to confirm the date, time and place and to hear of any updates or last minute changes a few days before the trip is scheduled to take place. The leader will also appreciate knowing the approximate number of participants ahead of time.

Please do not bring pets on our conducted hikes. Thank you for your consideration.

When our walk is taking place on a Lakehead Region Conservation Authority property, please note that parking fees apply. To help offset LRCA's costs of maintenance we encourage you to buy a season pass here: Explore Card or at the LRCA office or pay $2 for a one time parking fee. Thank you.

For other hikes in our area please check the Thunder Bay Hiking Association website by clicking here or check the Lakehead Region Conservation Authority website by clicking here.



Saturday, February 23

Snow Shoe Safari – Nipigon River Recreation Trail in the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists Red Rock Nature Reserve 

Parks Canada is proposing to facilitate a Snow Shoe Safari on Saturday, February 23 at 1:00 PM. It would be a guided walk / Tree ID program with graduate foresters Gordon and Karin Mackenzie. The program would begin at the Red Rock trailhead of the Nipigon River Recreation Trail and finish at Lloyd’s Lookout in the Thunder Bay Field Naturalists Red Rock Nature Reserve (a 2.6 km round trip). At the lookout  Parks staff will be supervising a bonfire in a contained pit and serving free hot chocolate to participants. A limited number of snowshoes are available to rent at no charge. The program is open to the public and free of charge. TBFN are invited to participate.

Saturday, March 30th, 2019

JUNIOR PROGRAM - Conservatory Visit

FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT! A visit to the conservatory and a walk along the river to look for birds and signs of spring. The focus at the conservatory will be to see how the tropical food we eat actually grows. Meet at the conservatory parking lot at 1:00 pm. Contact Marian Childs (577-1324).

Saturday, April 27th, 2019

Mission Marsh

Join Keith Wade for a walk around the Mission Marsh area to observe spring migrants, with special focus on those waterfowl species that may be present. The outing will go to 12:00 noon. However participants can leave at any time for other planned activities. We will be watching L. Superior water levels through the winter and if lower than the past few years, and ice free, we may be able to revisit the south end of Mission Marsh. This requires prior permission from Ont. Power Generation. Meet in the LRCA Mission Marsh parking lot for a start at 8:45 a.m. Contact Keith at 807-935-3092 the week of the outing to confirm attendance.

Friday, May 10th, 2019

Nature’s Evening Choristers

FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT! This guided walk will take place at Mills Block at 8:00pm. We will look and listen for frogs and evening songsters. Wear waterproof footwear and warm clothing. Bring a flashlight. Meet at the Mills Block Conservation Area parking lot. Contact leader George Holborn at 622-2113 to confirm date and time.

Saturday, May 18th, 2019

Spring Warblers – Hurkett Cove

Bring a lunch and appropriate clothing for this day outing. Bring boots for the wet spots. Meet at the Landmark Inn parking lot at 8:00am. Confirm with leader Tom Mitton 767-6035.

May 25th-26th, 2019

Dorion’s Canyon Country Birding Festival 

Visit the Lakehead Conservation Authority Website (https://lakeheadca.com/events-education/special-events)

Saturday, May 25th, 2019

Middle Falls

For those who missed out on Dorion, we will explore nature’s treasures at Middle Falls. Meet at the north end of Northwood Park Plaza at 9:00 am. Bring a lunch. Contact Marian Childs 577-1324.

Saturday, June 1st, 2019

Lichens are everywhere - Ravine Lake Trail, Sleeping Giant

Lichens are everywhere, but what are they good for? These unique composite organisms are consumed, constructed with, and provide camouflage for forest birds, mammals, and insects, and were the fundamental foundation of the boreal forests after the most recent glaciation. These sensitive organisms are also great indicators of habitat qualities. Join me in my quest to expand the appreciation of these integral forest organisms. Meet at the Landmark Inn at 10:00 am, bring a lunch and good footwear. Contact Hanna Dorval hdorval(at)lakeheadu(dot)ca or phone Marian Childs 577-1324.

Friday, June 7th, 2019

Bluebird Bonanza

Join Sue Robinson for this workshop/field trip to check on nesting bluebirds and their broods as part of TBFN’s Bluebird Recovery Program as well as searching for other birds in the Stanley region. Meet at the north end of Northwood Park Plaza at 6:00pm. Contact Susan Robinson at 344-1739 at least 2 days prior to confirm.

Saturday, June 8th, 2019

Mink Mountain

This is an all day event to explore the trails and treasures of Mink Mountain and its birds. Bring a lunch. Meet at 8:00 am at the north end of Northwood Park Plaza. Contact Brian Moore 344-2986 to confirm.

Saturday, June 15th, 2019

Mills Block Orchids

We will have an easy 4k hike in mixed forest with some small hills. Bring insect repellent, beverages and a light lunch. Special guest will be Ryan LeBlanc. Meet in the Mill’s Block Forest parking lot off John Street Road at 10:00am. Contact leader Bruce Childs to confirm at 577-1324.

Saturday, June 15th, 2019

Williams Bog

Follow the pipeline into the bog to search for orchids and other bog plants and their visitors. Be prepared for wet feet. Meet at the north end of Northwood Park Plaza at 9:00 am. Contact Marian Childs 577-1324.

Saturday, June 29th, 2019

Trowbridge Falls

Introduction to common local plants led by Myra McCormack. This walk will explore the river trail at Trowbridge Falls to identify plants found along the trail. Meet at the Trowbridge Falls parking lot at 10:00am

July 26-27th, 2019

Terrace Bay Nature Reserve

Mark your calendars for the Lyda Bay section of the Terrace Bay Nature Reserve. Leader Monica Holenstein. More info to follow.


Keep checking back here as other outdoor events are arranged!