About our Field Trips

Field trips provide an excellent opportunity for club members to meet new people and to explore our natural environment. However, we ask you to remember that the places we visit are special, so please do not pick plants or collect specimens on field trips. Leave dogs and other pets at home. Use your own judgement as to whether you bring a lunch and/or refreshments. Also, dress appropriately for the weather. Insect repellent is recommended for trips in May and June. No pets, please, except for service dogs.

If you have any questions regarding field trips, please contact either the marianchilds(at)shaw(dot)catrips coordinator or the field trip leader directly. The club is always interested in new ideas, so don't hesitate if you would like to lead a field trip or workshop or have an idea for one. Watch for the "FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT!" notice on specific outings and bring your children along!

If You Plan to Attend

Please call or email the field trip leader to confirm the date, time and place a few days before the trip is scheduled to take place. The leader will also appreciate knowing the approximate number of participants ahead of time.

If you would like to request or nominate someone for a particular trip or volunteer to lead a trip, please bring this to the attention of the marianchilds(at)shaw(dot)catrips coordinator or a member of the TBFN Executive.


Upcoming outings:

Junior Program at the Conservatory  - Saturday, February 18

FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT! A visit for parents (grandparents) and children looking at the tropical plants and their economic value found at our conservatory. We will also explore the nearby area looking for winter birds.    Contact Marian Childs 577-1324.

Science Carnival - Saturday, February 25

FAMILY FRIENDLY EVENT! An initiative of Science North. This one day community event provides families with the opportunity to participate in engaging, and fun science and technology activities, visit with well over 20 exhibitors showcasing presentations, labs and attractions, all using local and global science concepts and engineering principles. Also enjoy live science shows and entertainment for a festive event! It will be held in The Agora, Lakehead University from noon to 4 pm.

Sky Tour with Randy McAllister  - Monday, March 6th – 9:30 pm-11:30 pm.   

Highlights will be the moon and Jupiter (rises at 11:30) as well as various nebulas. Plan to bring a USB drive for your images. Location is 243 Klages Road. We will meet at the Movati Athletic Club at 8:45pm. Register with Marian Childs 577-1324 as soon as possible.

Brule Bay - Saturday, March 18th

A morning snowshoe hike on Brule Bay to view ice formations and lichens. This is open to all ages with a shorter hike for the youngest members to see the spring that is open year round, a longer hike to see the ice formations, and a longer hike to see the rocky shoreline with its brilliant orange lichen. Meet at the SW corner of the parking lot of the Arthur St. Movati Athletic Club at 9:00 am. Contact Marian Childs 577-1324.

Nature’s Evening Choristers – Friday, May 12th  - 8:00pm

This guided walk will take place at Mills Block at 8:00pm. We will look and listen for frogs and evening songsters. Wear waterproof footwear and warm clothing and bring a flashlight. Meet at the Mills Block Conservation Area parking lot. Contact  leader George Holborn at 622-2113 to confirm date and time.

Spring Warblers – Hurkett Cove – Saturday, May 20th

Meet at the Landmark Inn parking lot at 8:00 am. Bring a lunch and appropriate clothing for this day outing. Confirm with leader Tom Mitton 767-6035.

Dorion Canyon Country Birding Fesitval, May 27th-28th

Details when available at: http://www.dorionbirdfest.ca/index.html

Mills Block Orchids – Saturday, June 3rd

Meet in the Mill’s Block Forest parking lot off John Street Road at 10:00am. We will have an easy 4 k hike in mixed forest with some small hills. Ryan LeBlanc will be our special guest. Bring insect repellent, beverages and a light lunch. Contact leader Bruce Childs 577-1324 to confirm.

Bluebird Bonanza – Friday, June 9th

Join Susan Robinson for this workshop/field trip to check on nesting bluebirds and their broods as part of TBFN’s Bluebird Recovery Program as well as searching for other birds in the Stanley Region.

Mink Mountain – Saturday, June 10th

This is an all day event to explore the trails and treasures of Mink Mountain and its birds. Bring a lunch. Meet at 7:30 am at the SW corner of the Movati Athletic Club parking lot on Arthur St. Contact Brian Moore 344-2986 to confirm.


Keep checking back here as more outdoor events are arranged!