Rainy River Christmas Bird Count – 2015

The count ran on Tuesday, December 29. The weather to start the count was: -15C, partly cloudy and almost no wind.

In total 20 species and 983 individuals were found on the day. Two more species - American Robin and Ruffed Grouse - brought the count week species tally to 22. Notable on count day were the Black-backed Woodpecker and the Northern Goshawk, both very scarce at the west end.

Complete count results:

American Crow (132)

Bald Eagle (7)

Black-backed Woodpecker (1)

Black-billed Magpie (1)

Black-capped Chickadee (105)

Blue Jay (43)

Common Raven (271)

Common Redpoll (82)

Downy Woodpecker (9)

European Starling (67)

Gray Jay (6)

Hairy Woodpecker (19)

Hoary Redpoll (1)

House Sparrow (61)

Northern Goshawk (1)

Northern Shrike (1)

Pileated Woodpecker (1)

Pine Grosbeak (22)

Red-breasted Nuthatch (4)

Rock Pigeon (64)

Sharp-tailed Grouse (61)

White-breasted Nuthatch (8)

American Robin (count week)

Ruffed Grouse (count week)